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ALLSTAR UpLighting is an affordable Boston uplighting design service offering elegant event lighting for MA, NH & RI wedding receptions. Our lighting designers use state-of-the-art, remote-controlled, battery-powered, wireless LED uplighting to transform your event venue from ordinary to extraordinary!

Visit our uplighting showroom in "the Bridal Center" at One Main Street in Andover, complete with a sweetheart table and a wedding cake.  We'll demo dozens of color scenes and even create your wedding colors right on the spot to show you exactly how your reception can look with AllStar uplights.

Unlike most DJ or uplighting companies, we'll assign a professional lighting designer to your event.  With an experienced lighting expert planning and creating your lighting design rather than a "delivery & set-up" person or a DJ who has other duties to attend to, you'll understand why we are rated among America's 5 "Most Popular" and "Highest Rated" lighting & decor services by theKnot/
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Real Lighting Professionals
Remote-controlled color changes and scene transitions are made by a well-dressed, low-profile lighting designer, who will set up in advance and remain for your entire 5-hour event.  Additional time is available if desired, and there is no overtime fee for the uplights, only the designer's hourly OT rate.  All our UpLighting designers hold colllege degrees in theatrical lighting design/theater arts/design and are highly skilled, trained lighting professionals, not a delivery/set-up crew.  They are really passionate about their work!  Your designer will plan your color theme and special lighting changes with you in advance.  At your wedding, remote control in-hand, they are always watching for just the right moment when a sweeping transition in the lighting will be most effective and compliment the music or a special moment... with an AllStar lighting designer you don't have to worry about a thing.

All UpLighting Is Not the Same!  Let Us Explain How Our Services Differ...
Rather than "renting" uplights, instead, we offer the services of an uplighting designer who will apply the correct number of uplights needed for your venue to create "your vision" of the event. This may include pre-planned lighting changes, color combinations to match a theme or a subtle, steady glow in one color all evening. It's your vision... we'll match it!

When you contact us, a lighting expert will gladly recommend the minimum number of uplights for perimeter coverage at your location and also the optimal number of uplighting fixtures to add highlights and accent tables, once we have all of the details of your event. The price quoted is based on travel, the duration of the event, the number of fixtures needed and any optional extras that you may request. One size does not fit all and it's not "per fixture". In fact, we routinely decline events that do not permit proper uplighting coverage of the space.  It wouldn't look like our work if we had to try to cover an entire room with 6 or 8 lights when 15 or 20 are actually needed to "wash" the room in color. This policy makes the end result a sure thing at every event. We'll be happy to let you know the correct number of lights your venue requires.

Our powerful state-of-the-art, wireless LED uplights are small, safe and cool to the touch! They are battery-powered, and will run up to 10 hours... anywhere we place them!  No wires, no plugs, no power needed, no heating up... no limitations!  This even allows us to re-position or re-locate our unobtrusive uplights on the fly, for safe placement and maximum impact wherever needed! 

UpLighting at a Daytime Wedding?

Our uplighting is highly effective even at a daytime event, because our lighting designers are lighting experts, not delivery/set-up staff.

Before and After...
(notice the daylight from the window behind the sweetheart table on the left of the photo)

Here's AllStar UpLighting at a daytime wedding
at Danversport Yacht Club

Cape Cod Tent Wedding WITHOUT uplighting

Same tent with AllStar UpLighting added....

Some DJ services or function venues are now offering inexpensive or even "complimentary uplighting", but actually use inexpensive plug-in LEDs or out-dated “par can” lights with spotlight bulbs that get very, very hot.  Such light cans (pictured below on left) must be placed near power outlets since they need to be plugged in and require plastic color gels replaced by hand on each light around the room in order to change colors.  We've yet to see any venue with free "par cans" actually change the color gels on their lighting during an event.  Respectfully, such venues don't specialize in uplighting, they serve food & beverage. There's a reason it's free. It's not the same product... but they call it "uplighting".
All uplighting is not the same!
Traditional 575 Watt Par Can UpLights... Yuk!
Our Wireless, Battery-Powered LED UpLights!

If someone offers you "free" uplighting, you could be getting something like this: click to watch video clip taken at a recent wedding we DJ'd where the bride said she didn't need our uplighting because "uplighting" was "included free" by her venue.

Free lighting is usually worth exactly what it costs.

Cheaper foreign LED lights with limited dispersion are another option we've seen being offered as "uplighting".  Those inexpensive imported knock-offs are much weaker in intensity and wattage and do not color a room adequately or offer the rich array of a million colors that our high-end, American-made uplights offer.  Rather than wash the entire room in color, the light often appears like a narrow candle flame shooting up above each light. These inferior uplights leave huge dark areas in the spaces between the lighting fixtures. Weak uplights require a darker room to make any impact at all and the limited visibility for guests in a dark room adds an additional safety issue to worry about.  We don't darken rooms, we replace their white light with colored light, ever aware that visibility and safety are the first priority at any event. 

Take a look at the picture below (Cafe Escadrille in Burlington). Notice that the room is now colored in a beautiful, even wash... but visibility has not been compromised.

AllStar Uplighting ExampleAll "uplighting" is not the same!

Wired LED lights that are not battery powered or wirelessly remote controlled must be connected with an endless chain of troublesome connecting cables that are then fed to a master lighting console to allow uniform color changes, scenes or sequences.  Be sure to ask if the lights being offered to you are WIRELESS (no connecting cables) and Battery Powered (no plug-in AC power cords). Be aware that a lower price will often mean miles of unsightly, taped-down cables all over your reception venue.  Yuk!  This also prevents wired lights being utilized and later moved, for instance, under a cake table.

How Many UpLights Do I Need?

Now that almost every DJ seems to be offering "uplights"... it's confusing when you get opposing information from different sources. A DJ who owns only 8 uplights will suggest, umm... 8 uplights for your event, because that's all he owns.  You won't be told that half the room will be in darkness or shadows or that there will be huge dark gaps between the lights.  By contrast, we will actually meet with you on-site if your event is at a venue that we have not previously seen.  We will evaluate the space with you, before you have hired us, and discuss your best lighting options and their cost.  If someone offers to bring "as many uplights as it needs"... there is no guarantee how many they will bring or that they even really know the proper number of lights required for the space. Ask to see pictures of their work!  Compare any pictures from any company to our pictures of the same venue. We get emails from all over America asking what type of uplights we use and how we manage to wash a room so completely with color.

What is a GOBO?

A "name in lights" GOBO projection image or monogram can be added to personalize your event even more. GOBO is the nickname for a small custom-made metal or glass plate that "GOes Between Optics" in a powerful spotlight projector. The image usually contains names, initials, a logo or a message and can be projected onto the dance floor or other surface at your wedding or special event.

Once you decide on a GOBO, it's a fun and simple 3-step process:
  1. Select the design you prefer from our 5 examples. Custom-made designs from your ideas are an available option too.
  2. Our graphic art department will design a proof and send it for your approval. 
  3. Once approved, we'll create the gobo of your design, to be installed into our GOBO projector and displayed for your entire event. The cost is $300, when added to any uplighting or DJ package.  Book both a DJ and UpLighting together and add a GOBO for just $250 on our discounted uplighting "Wow-Factor" Package.
Gobo projection onto every open surface at a venue is not always possible due to the venue's physical limitations. We'll need proper space to position the spotlight projector and it's stand correctly and safely.  Ideally, placing the projector a distance of 15 to 25 feet from the center of the dance floor or directly opposite the wall behind the head table is best for maximum, optimal impact of this lighting effect.

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Below are our 5 most popular "Wedding GOBO" design choices:
Simple GOBO
Names and Hearts GOBO
Names, Heart and Date GOBO
Heart GOBO
Initials GOBO
Names-Only Gobo
Names and
2 Hearts Gobo
Names, 2 Hearts
and Date Gobo
Heart Gobo
Initials Gobo
Flexible UpLighting Packages, Affordable Wireless LED Pricing 
AllStar UpLighting packages are priced in part according to the total number of wireless LED fixtures your event requires.  The more lighting fixtures you reserve, the greater the coverage and the more flexibility your lighting designer will have in placing the lighting for maximum effect. To arrive at a very rough estimate of how many lights you might need, divide your number of guests by 8.  This little formula is a good minimum number of fixtures to start with, but by no means is it the definitive number of uplights for every venue or situation.  We keep a photo gallery of almost every venue we've uplit and a quick call or visit to us will help you choose the package that is the best fit for your location and budget. If we haven't uplit your venue before, a member of our professional lighting staff will be happy to meet you at the venue at no charge to evaluate the best options and discuss cost-effective packages and effective uplighting to meet your vision and goals.

AllStar UpLights are competitively priced already, but you'll get the best package deals in New England when booking AllStar uplighting at the same time as an AllStar DJ. 

Yes, We Offer UpLights Alone, without our DJ packages

For those who are interested in simply booking the uplighting alone, a degreed lighting designer/technician is always included for a full 5 hours at no additional charge. We do not rent AllStar uplights as a "deliver it, turn it on, pick it up later" rental, even when you want just one color all night.  To assure consistent lighting requires an attentive, skilled technician present.  Your event will benefit from your trained professional lighting designer making sure everything runs perfectly for your entire event and adjusting or relocating fixtures if necessary, at any time.

AllStar UpLighting provides event lighting services, Boston Wedding Lighting and UpLlights for Corporate Events and will travel to Weddings in MA, (including Cape Cod and the Islands), Newport, RI, Southern NH and wherever Up Lights and uplighting services are needed in New England.

Get our lowest rate when adding AllStar UpLighting to any AllStar DJ package!

Contact Us for a Free UpLighting Consultation
Contact us today to schedule an appointment to view our one-of-a-kind uplighting showroom and discuss the uplighting package that fits both your venue and your budget. 

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